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Providing innovative process solutions and equipment sales + maintenance.

About MASS Technologies Inc
Leaders in industrial in-motion weighing and personnel & process safety.
We make it work for you.

MASS Technologies Inc was founded in 1997 by our current CEO, Don Conrad. Heavy industries in Texas have seen a lot of change with the arrival of the 21st Century. Technology has opened up a vast array of new methods to optimize productivity and safety. However, it doesn't mean anything if you can't rely on an accurate instrument. Errors in measurement negate all improvement if the measurement devices we rely upon are not correctly selected, applied, and maintained.

We are dedicated to ensuring that doesn't happen in your operation.

Image of a man in a yellow vest practicing on site safety solutions in Arkansas.
How We Measure Ourselves
Customer satisfaction is the reason for our existence.


We aspire to be trusted by our customers to be the best in-motion weighing experts, anticipating, and exceeding their needs and delivering the highest quality products and services.


We will grow our company by delivering the best value to our customers by creating, delivering, and installing top quality solutions for their needs. We will focus on dominating the in-motion weighing markets in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas. We will expand our offering to related products and services to enhance our customers’ success.

Safety + Process solutions in TX OK LA
Mass Technologies, Inc is a work site resource for clients.
We solve problems–not just sell products.
We lead with service and follow with sales meeting specific needs.